Learn more about Your Hendersonville, TN Septic Distribution Box

Septic System Description

A typical onsite septic system is comprised of three main items. The 1st stop for waste from your house is the largest sized unit and is designated a septic tank. These, the waste is actually accumulated while it splits up into three levels. The middle part becomes liquid effluent, which in turn will advance to the following major container unit. This one is called a distribution box, given that it directs as well as divides the outflow flow to various field areas. This is the third and final unit. This region is the place the liquid is kept until it is soaked up within the surrounding soil.

Purpose of Distribution Box

Installing a new D-boxThe purpose of the distribution box is to steer the drainage emerging from the sewage-disposal tank such that each and every objective receives an equal quantity of waste product. Doing this is carried out from exact location of the exit pipes within and coming from this box. Very detailed planning as well as building and construction is called upon to ensure the ideal line drop which will maintain an uniform and also even flow out to the various sewer field locations.


Precision Installation Requirements

Ideally, a particular instrument named a transit level should be worked with in order to situate and hold up each segment of drainpipe going out of the distribution box. Additionally, other types of sturdy pipe support accessories will maintain the drainpipe in place as backfill is put on cover the system. Any negligence in this installation will certainly result in flow problems later on.

Causes of D-box Blockage

The sewer system chosen concerning the distribution box and linked drain and sewer field outflow is smaller sized compared to pipes that are used for the sewage-disposal tank. They are certainly not meant to carry solids and some other substances which can easily cause a block. Anytime these solids and larger substances flow out of the tank toward the D-box, they are going to create a decrease in flow or even a stoppage. The end effect will be a septic system which will likely cease to work as it should.

Septic System Component Comparison
New leach field installationA D-box is actually much smaller in size in comparison to the waste tank. This makes the box harder to pinpoint on your property. The smaller sized area will also tend to clog quicker with any solids that escape the much larger in size tank. It is critical that the septic tank be pumped at appropriate time periods so that solids do not meet a level high enough to transfer to the D-box.


Symptom of D-box Clogs

When the D-box is causing a stoppage of movement from solids or other materials, it really definitely will need to be checked out and also cleaned in order to deliver the suitable distribution and outflow of liquids. This will probably call for much more intrusive amount of digging and excavation, along with related high repair service expenses.

Drain Field and D-box Repair

Repairing or even replacing the drain field is a very quite expensive amount of effort. Sometimes the drain field will have to be relocated to an alternative area, which in turn could perhaps require an effluent pump in the case that there is absolutely no area that is at the equivalent level just as before. This sort of repair will incur a cost of thousands of dollars.

Prevention of Future Repair

In order to lengthen the longevity in reference to your septic system, make certain to adhere to the do’s and don’ts as listed within the web page reports and blog posts. Keep in mind; things that people put into the tank will definitely help make a significant difference in the amount of clogs and also the associated costs to service.



D-box badly clogged

Drain Field D-box badly clogged

New distribution box

Replacement D-box underway