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Happiness is having a well-functioning toilet                     when you need it the most.

…but problems happen, life is full of surprises!                              Sometimes at the most untimely moment, your toilet won’t flush…                         Who do you call?

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Easy Septic System Solutions in Murfreesboro, TN                           


If you suspect anything wrong with your septic system, you should immediately conduct an inspection or hire a specialist to determine the problem. Our specialists will attend to your concerns as quickly as we can. We guarantee to offer reasonable prices for any type of service that you request from our team.                                     

We at Solution Septic Service will address your needs to ensure that your Murfreesboro septic pipes and tanks maintain their perfect operating condition. Your satisfaction is fully assured by our team of dedicated professionals.                           

Get in touch with our team to find out which services would work well for the situation that you have. From septic system inspection to repair, we have remained consistent in providing the following services with competence and efficiency throughout the years:


The following are examples of our septic tank services:


– Locating and digging of drain field and septic tank

– Preventative maintenance of septic systems, including pumping and cleaning

– Septic tank and drain field video camera inspections

– Septic pipeline and drain field repair using high pressure jet rodding

– Repair and replace damaged sewer pipes

– Repair and replacement of septic or sump pump failure

– Upgrading tank risers, filters and other improvements


Fast Facts About Onsite Sewer Systems                           

But then again, maybe you don’t have an immediate emergency, but would like to learn more about onsite sewage disposal. It may be that you are not in some kind of an emergency situation.Septic Tanks and Leach Fields

Try to check out all of our discussions about the system’s functions, the common problems faced by homeowners as well as maintenance advice. In this website, you will find much useful information relating to septic systems.


Determine where the different components of the septic system are located. Also as important as this is knowing the type of your system. It is also necessary to understand which type of tank you have installed on your property.

You may not find it easy to locate the necessary information about your tank, especially if the tank was already there when you moved in. If you are unsure about these things because you just inherited the tank when you purchased the property, try to get in touch with the property owner before you. If you have difficulty finding all of this information, there are several other possible places where it might be located.


Discover How Your Murfreesboro, TN Onsite Septic System Works                           

However, considering that we use the toilet several times in a day, how much do we know about our toilet to confidently answer the question:

What Happens After You Flush Your Wastes?

Through a flushing toilet, wastes are easily disposed of within a very short period of time. With just one flick of a button, the water washes away all the wastes from the toilet bowl.

Breakdown Illustration of a septic tankThe bottom layer contains the solid parts and the top layer is composed of the grease as well as other floatable materials. Liquid materials settle in between. After hitting the flush, all the waste materials, both solid and liquid, travel down to the tank located underneath your homes. Most Murfreesboro residents will have on their property a covered tank that collects the waste that gets pushed down with every flush.

When solid wastes accumulate and end up in the drain field, they can cause the system to fail. This accumulation will cause your drain field to become ineffective, eventually requiring extensive and very costly repairs. Ultimately, this means your system is no longer functioning as well as it should.

As for the liquid layer of the tank, it flows into the leach field, where wastewater (effluent) is filtered and treated by present microbes until it is fully absorbed into the ground. The present soil microbes can kill pathogens as well as reabsorb nutrients back into your Murfreesboro property.


Looking After Your Septic System in Murfreesboro                          

Many onsite septic system owners report that one of their greatest concerns is to experience a problem that will result in very costly repairs. If you feel the same way, then you should familiarize yourself with the best maintenance routine that you should use for your tank systems.

Septic pumping in progressPumping your tank is probably the best way you can prevent a system failure. What happens here is that all the elements inside the tank are mixed together and then directed into a storage tank. This process makes the septic tank clean and ready to perform its normal function of separating the waste materials into three layers.

Keep a detailed record of all septic system maintenance and repair activities. Call your favorite and trusted Murfreesboro sewer experts when you experience any issues with your septic tank system.


Things That Should Never Be Found In Your Toilet                                                               

Keep in mind that only body waste and paper labelled safe for septic use should be flushed down the drain. Among the most common items that clog pipes are tissue paper not designed for onsite septic systems, flushable wet wipes (even though they are advertised as safe) and sanitary pads. Following is a list of things that are not supposed to be found in your septic system in Murfreesboro, TN: Following is a list of things that are not supposed to be found in your septic system in Murfreesboro, TN:


Fats, oil and grease

Paper towels

Prescription Medication

Sanitary napkins and Tampons


Cat litter

Cigarette butts


Cotton Balls & Swabs

Dental floss

Disposable diapers

Disposable wipes

Homeowners in Murfreesboro Should Take Notice of Septic Symptoms That Indicate Problems                           

It may be common to everyone, not just in Murfreesboro, perhaps, to overlook what may appear to be just a speck of a problem, only to realize too late that it has already grown out of proportion. There are many telling signs that your tank systems in Murfreesboro have problems. If you observe any of the below symptoms, it is time to contact a Murfreesboro, TN septic system service.

Indication of Septic System failure

– Backflowing sewer water in your tubs and toilets

– Strong unpleasant odor coming from the sewer area

– Sewage backing up in your toilet and/or bathtub.

– Different colors of grass in your yard

– Gurgling sounds coming from the pipes.

– Toilet flushing issues.


Overall, a septic system is not that challenging to maintain.

The bottom line, is when you know the anatomy of your system, taking care of it will be loads easier, all the while making it more unlikely to experience any kind of system failure.



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