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Easy Septic System Solutions in Kingsport, TN                           


Are you in crisis mode because of a septic system problem in Kingsport, TN? Here, we guarantee quality-driven and cost-effective solutions to your septic tank problems. Reach out to us and tell us about your problem.  We will recommend a solution based on our professional knowledge and experience.                                  

You can fully depend on our team at Solution Septic Service to help you resolve your waste disposal tank problems quickly. Our company is among the best service providers for septic systems in Kingsport. Our team is here to help you figure out the best course of action to take, so you can avoid more stressful and expensive concerns.                            

Get in touch with our team to find out which services would work well for the situation that you have. From septic system inspection to repair, we have remained consistent in providing the following services with competence and efficiency throughout the years:


          >   Locating and digging of drain field and septic tank

          >   Repair and replacement of faulty sewer pipes

          >   Septic tank and drain field video camera inspections

          >   Septic pipeline and drain field repair using high pressure jet rodding

          >   Repair and replacement of damaged sewer pipes

          >   Inspection (using a video camera) of septic tank and drain field

          >   Upgrade with tank risers, filters and other improvements


Things You Must Know About Onsite Sewer System Disposal                            

A number of clients have contacted us for preemptive consultation services. They want to enjoy having a fully functional and maintained sewage disposal system. Apparently, this site is not just for people who require our emergency services, but value being prepared and proactive.                                      

By going through our site, you can learn all the details you need to know about septic repair and tank system installation. Topics include; how they work, common problems, necessary maintenance and useful tips for having a worry free system.                                    

Apart from learning the basic technical and mechanical features of a septic system, you will also need to know other information such as the location of the tank and the drain field. Do some immediate research on the entire system. Another essential detail you must know about is if your tank has an effluent pump.                                    

Communicating with the previous owner and checking out the local authorities can be helpful. The local city or county usually stores building permits where this type of info is on record.                                   


Understand How Your Onsite Septic System Functions In Kingsport, TN                            

Considering that we use the toilet several times in a day, how much do we really understand about our septic system to answer this question with confidence: It only takes a few seconds for the entire process. Although this routine is part of everyone’s day in Kingsport, as well as in other parts of the country, not a lot of people know how their toilets work.  


When you flush, where does the waste go next?

Septic Tanks and Leach FieldsFirst stop is into a buried holding tank where the waste products go their separate ways. Inside the septic tank, there is a separation process going on, isolating solid materials, which sink to the bottom, from the liquid materials, which remain suspended in the middle layer. At the top is where waste that floats accumulates.                                    

Ideally, the liquid waste exits the tank then flows into the leach field while passing through a series of pipes. There, over a period of time, present soil microbes can kill pathogens as well as reabsorb nutrients back into your Kingsport property.                                   

Most septic system problems create a blockage in the pipes that interfere with the flow of waste material. After some time, without proper maintenance, the tank system’s bottom layer of solid waste builds toward the tank exit, causing an overflow of solids that will block the drain field pipes.  You know that when this happens, it can take a lot of work and money to fix it.      


How to Maintain Your Kingsport Septic System the Best Way Possible                           

According to numerous onsite septic system owners, one of the worst things that can happen is when the sewer system fails. Because this will usually require a huge amount of work and expense to fix. Actually, there are things you can do that will reduce the need for a costly and large-scale repair job.                                

Breakdown Illustration of a septic tankRegularly having your tank pumped is one of the best methods to keep your system from failing. Doing this allows the total contents of the tank to be pumped out into a portable truck storage tank for proper disposal. Following this process makes your septic tank function as good as new and ready again to separate the waste materials properly. After the septic tank pumping procedure, the tank will start refilling and separating into the three distinct layers with a good flow to the drain field.                                   

Make sure to keep track of your septic system maintenance and/or repair schedules. Never hesitate to contact your registered septic tank contractor in Kingsport for any problems you observe concerning your septic system.   


Things You Must Never Flush Down the Drain                                                                

To state in the most simplistic of form, nothing should be flushed down the commode, but human body wastes and toilet paper approved for septic use. Apart from these obvious items, here are other things that you must never throw into your toilet. Among the most common items that clog pipes are tissue paper not designed for onsite septic systems, flushable wet wipes (even though they are advertised as safe) and sanitary pads. The following is a list of things that are not supposed to be disposed into your septic system in Kingsport, TN.



Cotton Balls & Swabs

Dental floss

Disposable diapers

Disposable wipes

Fats, oil and grease

Paper towels

Prescription Medication

Sanitary napkins and Tampons


Cat litter

Cigarette butts


Kingsport Residents Must Recognize Septic Symptoms That Mean A Bigger Problem Is About To Occur                           


The most efficient way to avoid paying overly expensive repairs and parts replacement is knowing how to recognize the various sewer problem symptoms. Here are some of the most common symptoms that you must know about. If you spot any of the signs below, you should immediately contact a Kingsport, Tennessee professional septic system service provider.


Indication of Septic System failure

–   Backing up sewage water in your bathtubs and toilet bowls

–   The grass has never looked so green, but only in one section of the yard

–   Water backups in the bathroom, particularly the toilet and the bathtub.

–   Uneven growth and color of grass bed in your yard

–   Gurgling sounds coming from the pipes.

–   Slow emptying of drains



A septic system is really not that hard to care for.                           

Proper maintenance of your home’s septic system can be easily achieved if you are well informed of the necessary procedures and information. Understanding how it works and how to care for it properly will lower the chance of failure and increase the life of the system.



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