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Septic System Solutions for Franklin,TN                           


You must have a septic system problem that needs attention…quick!  Congratulations for landing on the Solution Septic Service page. Here, we guarantee quality-driven and cost-effective solutions to your septic tank problems.

You can rely on Solution Septic Service in the area to give you quick, quality service and support that will keep you happy with well-functioning toilets.

Call today and book an appointment for any of our offered services below.  We have an extensive selection of services we provide for any type of onsite septic system.

– Locating and digging of drain field and septic tank

– Damaged septic pipeline replacement or repair

– Repair and replacement of damaged septic pump

– Septic pipeline and drain field repair using high pressure jet rodding

– Repair and replacement of damaged sewer pipes

– Repair and replacement of septic or sump pump failure

– Upgrade with tank risers, filters and other improvements


Facts You Should Know Concerning Onsite Sewage System Disposal                           

Perhaps, you only need to learn a few things about onsite sewage disposal. We understand that in some cases, other clients in the area do not need emergency repairs or maintenance services.

In this website, you will find much useful information relating to septic systems.Septic Tanks and Leach Fields

Is it the gravity system type or the kind that uses a pump to distribute effluent? In order to have a fully functional septic system, it is important for you to know and understand the distinct parts and their respective locations. Other essential details you must know about is if your tank has an effluent pump.

If you are not the original owner of the property, you should consider asking the previous owner about the tank. Alternatively, you may try securing the details from the local agencies that keep records of this.


Discovering The Basics of An Onsite Septic System In Franklin, TN                           

It only takes a few seconds for the entire process. Although this routine is part of everyone’s day in Franklin, as well as other parts of the country, not a lot of people know how their toilets work. Regardless of how common toilets are all around Franklin households, a lot of individuals struggle to answer this very basic question:

After you flush, where does all the waste go?

Breakdown Illustration of a septic tank

After pushing the flush button, all of the waste materials are routed underneath your property. Inside, there is a separation process going on, isolating solid materials to the bottom, the liquid materials to the middle layer, and elements like grease at the top.

An accumulated solid layer can reach a point that will render the drain field useless, requiring you to pay for thorough and very expensive repair services. And you know that when this happens, it can take a lot of work and money to fix it.

The liquid waste, meanwhile, leaves the tank for the leach field while passing through a series of pipes. The present soil microbes can kill pathogens as well as reabsorb nutrients back into your Franklin property.


Caring for your Franklin area located Septic System               

Most owners of onsite septic system will agree that a system failure is the worst thing that can occur because the repair job will be enormous and expensive. Septic pumping in progressThis may not come soon, or not at all, when you know how to look after your system.

One of the top ways to take care of your tank systems is having a regular septic tank pumping service performed. Depending on the holding capacity of your tanks, you should have a septic pumping service once every three years or five years.

Make sure to keep track of your septic system maintenance and/or repair schedules. Contact our team of Franklin sewer tank experts to schedule your needed septic tank cleaning or maintenance today.


Things You Must Never Flush Down the Drain                           



To state in the most simplistic of form, nothing should be flushed down the commode, but human body wastes and toilet paper approved for septic use. After all, your toilet is not a receptacle where you can throw anything into it. Apart from these named items, here are other things that you must never throw into your toilet. Here is a shortlist of stuff that you must never flush down any septic system in Franklin, TN:

Cotton Balls & Swabs

Dental floss

Disposable diapers

Disposable wipes

Fats, oil and grease

Paper towels

Prescription Medication

Sanitary napkins and Tampons


Cat litter

Cigarette butts


Septic Symptoms That Homeowners in Franklin Should Know                           

As is often the case with a great number of Franklin residents, mild symptoms of system problems are often neglected until the problem worsens to dangerous heights. Here are a few examples of symptoms that you must look out for so you can call for a Franklin, TN septic system service before the problem worsens:

Nasty smelling septic leak puddle

  • Gurgling noises from the toilet
  • Strong unpleasant odor coming from the sewer area
  • Sloshing sound coming when the toilet is flushed
  • Uneven growth and color of grass beds in your yard
  • You hear cackling sounds and they seem to be coming from the pipes down under
  • Toilet flushing issues


Regular inspections and maintenance are important to the health of your septic system.                           

For as long as you never miss to have it undergo its scheduled maintenance with the nearest Franklin area located pros, or to seek immediate help when it exhibits signs of early trouble, your septic system will be trouble free for a longer time. Understanding how that it works and how to care for it properly will lower the chance of failure and increase the life of the system.


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