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Happiness is having a well-functioning toilet                     when you need it the most.

…but problems happen, life is full of surprises!                              Sometimes at the most untimely moment, your toilet won’t flush…                         Who do you call?

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Easy Septic System Solutions in Winston Salem, NC                           

Dealing with septic system problems requires a level of expertise and technical background. If you need a specialist to lend you a hand, you should call our team right away. Browsing through the Solution Septic Service website means you are looking for quick, quality and affordable solutions, and we can give you exactly that — nothing less! We guarantee to offer reasonable prices for any type of service that you request from our team.


Feel free to give Solution Septic Service a ring and inform us about the specific problem your tank is having. Then, et us agree on the most convenient time to service your septic system to restore it to working condition.                            

Our phone lines are open every day. Throughout the years, we have made numerous residents happy with our septic system inspection, repair, and maintenance services that include:

The following are examples of our septic tank services:

  • Locating and digging of drain field and septic tank
  • Septic system preventative maintenance, including pumping and cleaning
  • Septic tank and drain field video camera inspections
  • Septic pipeline and drain field repair using high pressure jet rodding
  • Septic cleaning, pumping and repairing.
  • Video camera assessment of drain field leaks and septic tank problems
  • High pressure Jet Rodding repair for septic pipeline and drain field


Things You Must Know About Onsite Sewer System Disposal                           

There are a number of clients who call us for a consultation service just so they can enjoy having a fully-functional onsite sewage disposal system. Again, you are at the right spot for that as well. You can count on our specialists to provide top of the line advice to help you install and maintain a tank system the right way.                                    

In this website, you will find much useful information relating to various parts of the septic system, what they do and where they are located. Do some immediate research on the entire system. Is it the gravity system type or the kind that uses a pump to distribute effluent?                                     

If you are living in an old house, you could get in touch with the previous tenant to find more information about your tank and drain field.                                   


Getting Down To the Basics Of Onsite Septic System In Winston Salem, NC                           

With just one flick of a button, the water washes away all the wastes from your toilet bowl. Isn’t it funny that for something that you use every day, you realize you do not know how to answer:                                    

What happens after you flush?

After pushing the flush lever, all the waste materials, both solid and liquid, travel down to the tank located underneath your homes. Inside, there is a separation process going on, which isolates solid materials to the bottom, the liquid materials to the middle layer, and elements like grease at the top, such as grease, that float and do not absorb into the liquid.

Septic Tanks and Leach FieldsSometimes, especially in poorly installed tank systems, solids reach very high levels, so they end up overflowing out to the drain field pipes and forming clogs inside the remainder of the system.  This will result in requiring a repair job that can be both extensive and expensive.

As for the liquid layer of the tank, it flows into the leach field, where wastewater (effluent) is filtered and treated by microbes that are present within the surrounding soil. This drain field filters out noxious waste from the liquids before they seep through the soil, in this manner working to keep the earth below your Winston Salem home free of harmful elements.


Protecting Your Septic System in Winston Salem                           

A lot of Winston Salem homeowners are very serious in maintaining their septic system to avoid expensive repairs and parts replacements. Actually, there are things you can do that will reduce the need for a costly and large-scale repair job.                                    

Breakdown Illustration of a septic tankPumping your tank is most likely the single most significant thing you can do to safeguard your system. During this activity, the three layers stored in the tank are stirred together into a sludge like mixture that is pumped away into a truck located storage tank. For a 1,000-gallon tank, septic tank pumping is recommended to be done every 3-5 years. After the septic tank pumping procedure, the tank will start refilling and separating into the three distinct layers as usual.                                    

Make sure to keep track of your septic system maintenance schedule. Connect with your septic tank contractor in Winston Salem when it is time for another maintenance or any time you are having a problem with your tank.                                   


Things That Should Never Be Found In Your Toilet                           

Remember not to flush unnecessary items down your toilet so you can avoid dealing with septic clogging situations. Among the most common items that clog pipes are tissue paper not designed for onsite septic systems, flushable wet wipes (even though they are advertised as safe) and sanitary pads. Your commode is not a garbage bin where you can just dump everything.

Drawing of a toilet indicating no trash

Here is a shortlist of stuff that you must never flush down any septic system in Winston Salem, NC:

Wait… That’s a Don’t Flush Object!!     


Cat litter

Cigarette butts


Cotton Balls & Swabs

Dental floss

Disposable diapers

Disposable wipes

Fats, oil and grease

Paper towels

Prescription Medication

Sanitary napkins and Tampons


Septic Symptoms That Homeowners in Winston Salem Should Know

As is often the case with a great number of Winston Salem residents, mild symptoms of system problems are often neglected until the problem worsens to dangerous heights. Here are some of the most common symptoms that you must be on the alert to notice. If you spot any of the signs below, you should immediately contact a Winston Salem, North Carolina septic system service provider:

  • Indication of Septic System failureWater pooling around the system’s drain field
  • The grass has never looked so green, but only in one section of the yard
  • Water backups in the bathroom, particularly the toilet and the bathtub.
  • Different colors of grass in your yard
  • Standing water accumulated on the field lines and tank
  • Very slow water movement in your toilet

A septic system is not that hard to care for.                           

Regular inspections and maintenance are important to the health of your septic system. For as long as you never miss to have it undergo its scheduled maintenance with the nearest Winston Salem area located pros, or to seek immediate help when it exhibits signs of early trouble, your septic system will be trouble free for a longer time.


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