Septic Video Checkup Device Used In Durham, NC

 septic video inspection

Your onsite septic system is definitely showing indications of a growing problem. The waste water has recently slowed down. Currently there has been at least one incident of sewer back-up during an interval of intense rain.


You have very good reason to believe that your septic system has an obstruction someplace. These symptoms suggest there is possibly a clog or blockage inside the pipelines that is certainly affecting normal water flow. Fixing this situation no longer has to involve significant and invasive excavating around your property.

Our septic service technicians can utilize a leading-edge tool to resolve this problem. Referred to as a video camera pipeline assessment tool. This device consists of a high-resolution video camera placed at the tip end of a flexible fiber optic cable. This equipment is able to identify as well as assess any sort of obstacle location inside the pipelines.

Because the flexible but hardened and water-proof video camera system pushes its course throughout the pipe, a controller will expose and capture its advance. Powerful headlights make it possible for the video recording to capture a sharp picture of the pipeline within.

The graphics controller monitor will reveal the existing length from the insertion point. This can produce an accurate reference for any specific clog found. In case any sort of digging is called for in order to repair or perhaps remove and replace the drainpipe, just a minimum of excavating will be needed.

In fact, various other advanced techniques are available that can clear away many sorts of obstruction coming from the within the sewer network of pipes. Taking advantage of this technique, service, repair and maintenance tasks can take place with no excavating. All that would be needed is to find and remove the inspection cover directly from the sewage-disposal tank.

The following video recording is taken from a recorded video inspection during the course of analyzing a septic system clog. This definitely illustrates a network consisting of root structure that will simply grow and diminish the amount of effluent flow coming from the septic tank.


Video of Root Intrusion viewed using a Ridgid SeeSnake Camera