Charlotte, NC Septic Pipe Video Investigation Resource

septic video inspection



Your onsite septic system is definitely revealing symptoms that indicate problems. The wastewater flow has slowed down. Currently there has indeed been at least one instance of sewage back-up during a period of intense rain.


You have good reason to suspect that your septic tank has a blockage trouble somewhere. Symptoms reveal that there is probably a blockage within the pipes, which is certainly slowing down regular waste flow. Troubleshooting this particular condition no longer involves extreme and invasive digging within your property.

Our septic servicing professionals can certainly use technologically advanced diagnostic equipment, such as a video pipe inspection tool. This particular tool contains a high-resolution video camera placed at the point end of a manageable fiber optic cable. This device is able to observe and pinpoint any specific clog area inside of the pipes.

While the flexible but hardened and waterproof video camera presses its course throughout the plumbing, a controller will display and video record its headway. Strong headlights enable the video recording to capture a graphic picture of the pipeline from the inside.

The video controller is going to reveal the present length directly from the insertion place. This will produce an accurate reference point for every obstruction confronted. If any sort of digging is called for in order to restore or even replace the pipe, only a minimum of digging will be required.

In fact, many other advanced tools are readily available that are able to remove many different varieties of obstruction out of the inside of the sewer. Making use of this procedure, repair and maintenance tasks can take place with no excavating. The only thing that would be involved is to discover and take off the inspection lid from the sewage-disposal tank.

The following video recording is from a video inspection during the analysis of a septic system blockage. This clearly shows a network of root formation that will just grow and lessen the outflow of effluent coming from the septic tank. This potential clog can be cleared now without waiting for the pipe to cause an expensive repair job.


Video of Root Intrusion viewed by Ridgid SeeSnake Camera