Video Checkup Device For Your Chapel Hill, NC Septic System


Your onsite septic tank is displaying symptoms of problems. The waste water flow has already bogged down. There has indeed been one instance pertaining to sewage back-up throughout a time of excessive rain.

septic video inspection

You have very good indications to suspect that your septic system has an obstacle somewhere in the network of pipes. Symptoms suggest there is probably a clog within the lines that is having an effect on normal water drainage. Addressing this particular problem no longer demands extreme and intrusive excavating throughout your property.


Our septic support service professionals can use a sophisticated technology camera device to inspect and locate the problem. This tool features a high-resolution video camera installed on the point end of a flexible fiber optic cable. This device has the ability to observe and assess any specific blockage area within the lines.

As the bendable but hardened and sealed digital camera presses its way thru the pipeline, a controller will reveal and record its headway. Strong lights allow the video media to secure a distinct image of the line interior.

The graphics controller is going to display on a monitor the distance from the point of insertion. This can provide a precise location and image of any clog encountered. If any type of excavation is needed in order to repair or replace the pipeline, just a minimum of digging will be necessary.

Actually, other high tech devices and attachments are readily available that can clear many types of obstruction from the inside of the pipe. Making the most of this procedure, maintenance and repair as well as maintenance tasks can take place with no digging. All that would be required is to discover and remove the inspection cover from the sewage-disposal tank.

The following video is from a taped video inspection analysis during the examination of a septic system clog. This distinctly illustrates a system of root formation that will only multiply and decrease the effluent outflow from the septic tank to the drain field.

Video of Root Intrusion viewed using a Ridgid SeeSnake Camera