Clear Raleigh, NC Septic Pipes Using Hydro Jetting

Upon detecting an obstruction employing visual inspection or together with a flexible video camera system, a choice needs to be made regarding what approach to apply to unclog the pipe. Undoubtedly, the property owner would most certainly prefer a fix that does not necessitate digging up their lawn.

One technique that is becoming quite widespread is to make use of high pressure water in order to clear and clean the pipe clog. This is a solution described as hydro-jetting. In many cases, the repair work and cleaning could be finished with no more than a minimal of excavating into the property. The Hydro Jetter uses high pressure water to cut through sludge, grease, paper clogs, roots and various other contents which hinder water free circulation inside your septic pipes.

The hydro jetting process is much better in many respects than the past mechanical methods for pipe cleaning.  The technique does not involve strong manual manipulation.


hydro spray cleanerThe hydro jetter includes quite a selection of tips and heads that are effective for the many different materials that are creating the clog. Observe the direction of the spray jets in the attached image. Some are directed ahead, and others aimed to the back. This specific design will do the loosening and slicing of blockages through the front as the tip is pressed forward into the pipelines.


Then the rear facing spray streams will push and clear the water away so the cleaning can be more efficient. This rearwards operation will rinse accumulated material coming from the lowest part of the line, forcing it out for later removal. The operator can manipulate the travel rate and reach of the nozzle thru the pipelines.

Whenever you have a sewage system which is connected to the community sewer line network, there are lateral pipes that carry your sewage coming from home drainpipes, showers and commodes. The high pressure jetting procedure is able to also be used to free and clear up virtually any clog between your house and the municipal sewer main line.

 Hydro Jetting Clogged Sewer Pipe Video