Find Out About Your Concord, NC Septic Distribution Box

Find out what your Concord,NC septic distribution box does


A regular onsite septic system is made up containing 3 principal items. The very first stop for waste product coming from the house is actually the main unit and is called a septic tank. Here, the waste is actually deposited while at the same time it splits up into 3 levels. The mid layer will be liquid effluent, which will advance to the next main container piece. This is actually referred to as a distribution box, because it directs as well as divides the outflow solution to a number of field locations. This will be the next and final unit. This specific place is just where the liquid is stored until it is soaked up within the surrounding ground.

New drain field installationThe purpose of the distribution box is to guide the effluent coming from the sewage-disposal tank such that every destination receives a near identical volume of waste product. This is carried out through exact placement of the exit pipes in and from the D-box. Very meticulous preparation as well as assembly is called for to provide the ideal drainpipe drop which will allow a  gradual and constant flow out to the different drain field pipe locations.

Ideally, a particular tool referred to as a transit level will be used in order to place and be a foundation for each segment of drainpipe going out of the distribution box. In addition, other strong pipe brace accessories will help keep the pipeline in place as backfill is put on cover the structure. Any type of negligence in this particular construction will definitely cause flow problems later.

The drainpipe system chosen concerning the distribution box and related sewer and drain field flow is smaller compared to pipes that are utilized for the sewage-disposal tank. They are certainly not really intended to move solids and some other materials that might indeed result in a blockage. Anytime these solids and larger materials overflow out of the storage tank toward the D-box, they are going to result in a decrease in outflow or even a stoppage. The end result will be a septic system that will probably cease to work successfully.

A D-box is very much smaller sized in comparison to the waste product storage tank. This makes the box more difficult to find on your property. The smaller sized area will perhaps even tend to clog sooner with any solids that escape the much larger in size storage tank. It is crucial that the septic tank be pumped at proper intervals such that solids do not reach a level high enough to transfer to the D-box.

In case the D-box is causing a stoppage of flow created by solids or various other materials, it really will need to be assessed and cleaned to provide the proper dispersal and flow of liquids. This will call for much more invasive amount of digging and excavation, along with corresponding high repair work expenses.

Repairing or even replacing the drain field is likely a very expensive amount of labor. Oftentimes the drain field will have to be moved to an alternative place, which in turn might require an effluent pump in the event that there is no location that is at the comparable level just as before. This specific sort of repair work will incur a cost of 1000s of dollars.

To lengthen the longevity in reference to your septic system, make sure to comply with the do’s and do n’ts just as detailed in the web site articles and also blogs. Bear in mind, things that anyone put into the tank will help make a significant difference in the amount of blockages and also the associated costs to repair.


D-box badly clogged

Drain Field D-box badly clogged

New distribution box

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