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…but problems happen, life is full of surprises!                              Sometimes at the most untimely moment, your toilet won’t flush…                         Who do you call?

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Easy Septic System Solutions in Jacksonville, NC                           


A trouble with your septic system in Jacksonville, NC can indeed bring your life to a stressful situation. At Solution Septic Service, we guarantee quality-driven and cost-effective solutions to your septic tank problems. Our specialists will quickly attend to your septic disposal system concerns.  

Feel free to give Solution Septic Service a ring and inform us about the specific problem your tank is having, and let us agree on the most convenient time to service your septic system and restore it to working condition.                            

Call today and book an appointment for any of our offered services below. We will provide any of the below services to diagnose and repair problems that relate to a septic system and its components.

  • Septic tank and drain field locating and digging
  • Septic system maintenance, inspection, repair, pumping and cleaning
  • Changing of tank risers and filters
  • Repair and replacement services for damaged sewer pipes
  • Repair and replacement services in case of septic or sump pump failure
  • Upgrading of tank risers, filters as well as other improvements


Facts You Should Know Concerning Onsite Sewage System Disposal                           

There are a number of clients who call us for a consultation service so they can enjoy having a fully-functional onsite sewage disposal system. It may be that you are not in some kind of an emergency situation.                                   

Septic Tanks and Leach FieldsHere, you will find a wealth of information on how septic systems function, the common problems you may run into and what to do about them. Experienced professionals share recommendations and advice on how you can keep your system running efficiently.                                     

In order to have a fully functional septic system, it is important for you to know and understand the distinct parts and their respective locations.  

For homeowners who do not have the details of their tank system, it is important to find other materials such as local government approved building permits. If you are not the original owner of the property, you should consider asking the previous owner about the disposal system design.                                   


Understand How An Onsite Septic System Functions In Jacksonville, NC                           

Flushing the toilet is one of the most common actions that homeowners do every day. Through a flushing toilet, wastes are easily disposed of within a very short period of time. Isn’t it funny that for something you use that much, you realize you may not know how to answer this simple question:

What Happens After Wastes Are Flushed?

The first stop for wastes is a buried storage tank.  There, a separation process begins. Solid wastes will sink to the bottom layer.  Liquid materials settle in the center layer and flow out the tank exit, through the distribution box, which directs the liquid effluent to the drain field pipe structure.  A top layer crust will form from grease, fat and other buoyant waste.

Breakdown Illustration of a septic tankThe normal process is for the liquid layer to flow out of the tank exits through a system of pipes into a leach field. Here the liquid undergoes a cleansing process to get rid of the impurities before seeping into the Jacksonville homeowner’s ground.                                   

Solid wastes will accumulate over time, especially if things are flushed that will not breakdown with bacteria.  When the solids reach up to the tank exits, clogs will develop that inhibit proper effluent flow.                                 

And you know that when this happens, the repair job can be both extensive and expensive.     


Looking After Your Septic System in Jacksonville                           

A lot of Jacksonville homeowners are very serious in maintaining their septic system to avoid expensive repairs and parts replacements. In fact, by employing a few measures, you will be able to preserve the life of your system and keep it functional for as long as possible without need for major repairs.        

Pumping your tank is probably the best way you can prevent a system failure. What happens here is that all the elements inside the tank are mixed together, then pumped into a truck storage tank for remote disposal. This process makes the septic tank clean and ready to perform its normal functions.

After the septic tank pumping procedure, the septic tank will soon refill with waste effluent and begin the normal separation process into three layers.                                    

Make sure to keep track of your septic system maintenance and/or repair schedules. Call your trusted Solution Septic Service Jacksonville sewer experts when you experience any issues with your septic tank system. 


Items You Should Not Flush in Your Toilet                                                               

Drawing of a toilet indicating no trash

To state in the most simplistic of form, nothing should be flushed down the commode, but human body wastes and toilet paper approved for septic tank disposal use. Apart from these items, the following is a list of things that eventually will create clogs in your Jacksonville, NC septic system.

Wait … That’s a Don’t Flush Thing!!


Cat litter

Cigarette butts


Cotton Balls & Swabs

Dental floss

Disposable diapers

Disposable wipes

Fats, oil and grease

Paper towels

Prescription Medication

Sanitary napkins and Tampons


Homeowners in Jacksonville Should Take Notice of Septic Symptoms That Indicate Problems                           

Many Jacksonville area homeowners often take no notice of small symptoms, but overlook them until they reach a level of major concern that can no longer be ignored. Here are some of the most common symptoms that you must know about. If you spot any of the signs below, you should immediately contact a Solution Septic Service provider in Jacksonville, North Carolina.

  • Indication of Septic System failureBackflowing sewer water in your tubs and toilets
  • The grass has never looked so green, but only in one section of the yard
  • Sewage backing up in your toilet and/or bathtub.
  • Unpleasant Sewage odors inside or outside.
  • You hear cackling sounds and they seem to be coming from the pipes down under
  • Slow and sluggish flushing of the toilet.


A septic system is not that hard to care for, simply follow recommendations and advice from your septic system service provider.

Do not delay or miss to have your sewage system undergo its scheduled maintenance with the Solution Septic Service pros in the Jacksonville area. Seek immediate help when your service exhibits signs of early trouble. The keys to a trouble free septic system are regular inspections and maintenance.


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