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Septic System Solutions in Gastonia, NC                           


Dealing with septic system problems requires a level of expertise and technical background. If you need a specialist to lend you a hand, you should call our team right away.

Browsing through this Solution Septic Service website means you are looking for quick, quality and affordable solutions, and we can give you exactly that — nothing less! We understand why you have taken on the internet to look for fast and easy solutions to your problem.                            

Feel free to give Solution Septic Service a ring and inform us about the specific problem your tank is having, and let us agree on the most convenient time to service your septic system to restore it to working condition.                            

Our phone lines are open every day.  +1(980)-321-0503  Schedule any of the below services to diagnose and repair any problems that relate to a septic system and its components.

Here are the services we offer:

  • Septic tank and drain field locating and excavation
  • Septic system preventative maintenance, including pumping and cleaning
  • Inspection of septic tank and drain field with a video camera
  • Maintenance, inspection, troubleshooting, cleaning and pumping of septic system
  • Repair and replacement of septic or sump pump failure
  • Upgrading of tank risers, filters as well as other improvements


Good Things to Know About Onsite Sewer Systems                           

But then maybe you don’t have an immediate emergency, but would like to learn more about onsite sewage disposal. Again, you are at the right spot for that as well. If that is the case, you have found the right site, so feel free to look around for useful information.                                   

Septic Tanks and Leach FieldsTopics include; how they work, common problems, necessary maintenance and useful tips for having a worry free system. Here, you will find a wealth of information on how septic systems function, the common problems you may run into and what to do about them, and a bunch of advice on how you can keep your system running efficiently.                                    

Do some immediate research on the entire system. Does it have an effluent pump, or does it rely on gravity to function properly? Find out as much as you can about the various septic system components and their location.

If you are living in an old house, you could get in touch with the previous tenant to find more information about your tank and drain field. If you have difficulty finding all of this information, there are several other possible places where it might be located.  The local city or county usually stores building permits where this type of info is on record.   


Discovering The Basics of An Onsite Septic System In Gastonia, NC                           

Just like any homeowner in Gastonia, you probably think that when you flush the toilet, it is simply “goodbye waste”. But, regardless of how common toilets are all around Gastonia households, a lot of individuals struggle to answer this very basic question:                             

When you flush, where does it go?                           

After hitting the flush lever, all the waste materials, both solid and liquid, travel down to a storage tank buried beneath your home property. 

Breakdown Illustration of a septic tankInside the tank, there is a continuous separation process taking place. This will isolate solid materials to the bottom, the liquid materials are suspended in the middle layer, and elements that float, like oil grease stay at the top layer.

The liquid layer flows out of the tank to a distribution box which directs the effluent through a system of pipes into the leach field. Here the liquid undergoes a purification process to get rid of the impurities before seeping into the Gastonia homeowner’s ground. 

Over time, Solid wastes will build up from the lower level, reaching an exit pipe if unchecked. From there, the solids can cause the system to fail. Ultimately, this means your system is no longer functioning as well as it should. And, you know that when this happens, it can take a lot of labor and expense to fix it.

Remember, the closer all users follow the safe disposal list, the less buildup of solids will occur.  Human disposal solids will breakdown with bacteria activity.


Looking After Your Septic System in Gastonia                           

Most owners of onsite septic system will agree that a system failure is the worst thing that can occur because the repair job will be enormous and expensive. In fact, by employing a few measures, you will be able to preserve the life of your system and keep it running for a long time without need for any major repairs.                                    

The most common and basic way to maintain your tank is to have it pumped once every three to five years, depending on its size and the amount of people living on your property. By doing so, you can remove materials that could cause clogging of the septic tank pipes. Pumping involves stirring the three layers of wastes together for transfer to a storage tank truck.

Keep a detailed record of all septic system maintenance and repair activities. Call your favorite and trusted Solution Septic Service Gastonia sewer experts when you experience any issues with your septic tank system.     


Things That Should Never Be Found In Your Septic System 

Drawing of a toilet indicating no trashKeep in mind that only body waste and paper labelled safe for septic use should be flushed down the drain. Apart from these safe items, here are other things that you must never throw into your toilet. Use the following list as a guide for what NOT to flush down into your Gastonia, NC located septic system:

Wait… That’s a Don’t Flush Object!!  


  • Cat litter
  • Band-Aids
  • Cigarette butts
  • Condoms
  • Fats, oil and grease
  • Paper towels
  • Prescription Medication
  • Sanitary napkins and Tampons
  • Dental floss
  • Cotton Balls & Swabs
  • Disposable diapers
  • Disposable wipes


Gastonia Homeowners Need To Be Aware of the Early Septic Symptoms And Seek Professional Help Right Away                           

As is often the case with a great number of Gastonia residents, mild symptoms of system problems are often neglected until the problem worsens to dangerous heights. Here are a few examples of symptoms that you must look out for so you can call for a Gastonia, NC septic system service before the problem worsens:

  • Indication of Septic System failureBacking up sewage water in your bathtubs and toilet bowls
  • Strong and foul odor coming from the sewage indoors or outdoors
  • Water is backing up out of the bathroom drains.
  • Different colors of grass in your yard
  • Presence of standing water found above the field lines and the tank
  • Very slow water movement in your toilet



By making sure you know how your system works and how to protect it, you will be able to prolong the life of your system and keep system failure at bay.                     

Proper performance of your home’s septic system can be easily achieved if you are well informed of the necessary maintenance procedures and quickly take the necessary actions when symptoms appear.

In summary, proper care of your septic system is not difficult or complicated.




Call Solution Septic Service At This Phone Number –  

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