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Happiness is having a well-functioning toilet                     when you need it the most.

…but problems happen, life is full of surprises!                              Sometimes at the most untimely moment, your toilet won’t flush…                         Who do you call?

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Septic System Repair and Maintenance Services in Cary, NC                           


Dealing with septic system problems requires a specific level of expertise and technical background. If you need a specialist with these skills to lend you a hand, you should call Solution Septic Service right away. We understand why you have taken on the internet to look for fast and easy solutions to your problem. Our professionals are ready and able to give you a reasonably priced solution.                                     

We at Solution Septic Service will address your needs to ensure that your Cary septic pipes and tanks maintain their perfect operating condition. Our team is here to help you figure out the best course of action to take so you can avoid more stressful concerns.                            

Our phone lines are open every day. Providing services from septic system inspection to repair. We have remained consistent in providing the following services with competence and efficiency throughout the years:

          >  Locating and digging of drain field and septic tank

          >  Damaged septic pipeline replacement or repair

          >  Septic tank and drain field video camera inspections

          >  Septic pipeline and drain field repair using high-pressure jet rodding

          >  Septic cleaning, pumping and repairing.


Good Things to Know About Onsite Sewer Systems                           

It is our goal to keep you informed about onsite sewage disposal. It may be that you are not in some kind of an emergency situation.                                     

So go ahead, navigate through our site for information about how septic systems work, the troubles you are most likely to encounter and the best ways you can maintain your system’s efficiency. Review all of our discussions about the system’s functions, the common problems faced by homeowners as well as maintenance advice.                                    

Septic Tanks and Leach FieldsIs your system the standard type that uses gravity as the force to allow the effluent flow to the drain field, or does it utilize a pressure distribution system that makes use of a pump? As a homeowner it is important to understand the basic design of your septic system, the parts that compose it and where you can find these parts. Other essential details you must know about are required maintenance schedules and procedures.                                    

If you are unsure about these things because you just acquired the tank when you purchased the property, try to get in touch with a previous property owner to review the history of the septic system.                                    


Discover How Your Cary, NC Onsite Septic System Works                           

Flushing toilets allow many homeowners to make waste disappear as if by magic. Just like any homeowner in Cary, you probably think that when you flush the toilet, waste just goes down the drain, period.  Regardless of how common toilets are all around Cary households, many individuals struggle to answer this very basic question:                             

 After you flush, where does all the waste go?

Breakdown Illustration of a septic tankTypically, each Cary resident’s property with onsite sewage disposal contains a covered storage tank. A toilet flush will send wastewater to this tank buried on the homeowner’s property. This is the first stop where waste products go every time you flush. Inside the tank, the waste products then separates into three layers.

The separation process will isolate solid materials to the bottom, the liquid materials to the middle layer, and floatable elements like grease rise to the top. Over time, the accumulation of solids will increase, rising toward the top. As the solids reach a higher level, they will begin an overflow toward the drain field, causing a likely blockage. If this situation is allowed to continue, it will eventually require extensive repairs. Worse, the repair job can be both extensive and expensive.                                    

When operating and maintained as designed, the liquid waste makes its way to the leach field. The present microbes in the soil there serve as the filtration system so that the waste waters coming through these pipes are treated.                                   


Protecting Your Septic System in Cary                           

Many onsite septic system owners report that one of their greatest concerns is to experience a problem that will result in very costly repairs. Actually, there are things owners can do that will reduce the need for a costly and large-scale repair job.                                    

Pumping your tank is most likely the single most significant thing you can do to safeguard your system. During this activity, the three layers stored in the tank are stirred together into a sludge like mixture that is pumped away into a truck located storage tank. For a 1,000-gallon tank, septic tank pumping is recommended to be done every 3-5 years.                                     

To make the most out of your septic system maintenance, you should take note of the schedule of each service. Contact the Solution Septic Service team of Cary experts to schedule your needed septic tank inspection , cleaning or maintenance today.                                    


Things You Should Never Flush Down The Toilet                           

Think before you flush!

Drawing of a toilet indicating no trashRemember not to flush the below listed items down your toilet so you can avoid dealing with septic clogging situations. Before using the toilet, make it a habit to stop, look, and think if you have things in hand that can find their way inside your toilet, accidentally or otherwise.  Following is a list of things that are not supposed to be found in your septic system in Cary, NC.

Wait … That’s a Don’t Flush Thing!!


Cat litter


Cigarette butts

Cotton Balls & Swabs

Disposable diapers

Dental floss

Disposable wipes

Paper towels

Fats, oil and grease

Prescription Medication

Sanitary napkins and Tampons

Homeowners in Cary Should Take Notice of Septic Symptoms That Indicate Problems                           

Every homeowner in the area should learn how to recognize the different signs and symptoms of sewage disposal problems in order to avoid severe issues in the future. Here are a few examples of symptoms that you must look out for so you can call for a Cary, NC septic system service before the problem worsens:

Indication of Septic System failure    >  Puddles of standing water near the drain field.

    >  Greener grass or grass growing faster.

    >  Sloshing sound from the toilet or tub

    >  Different colors of grass in your yard

    >  Gurgling sounds coming from the pipes.

    >  Slow and sluggish flushing of the toilet.


In summary, proper care of your septic system is not difficult or complicated, simply follow the recommended maintenance suggestions and react to any symptoms that show up.                            

The bottom line, is when you know the anatomy of your system, taking care of it will be loads easier, all the while making it more unlikely to experience any kind of system failure.  A septic system is not that hard to care for.



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